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Since 2000, . Fish and Wildlife Service budgets for the sorts of interventions that saved the bald eagle — reintroducing breeding pairs, guarding nests and acquiring land — have been slashed by 15 percent in real dollars.

Our regular office volunteer hours are most Thursdays, 2-5pm. Sign up for specific shifts or select "any" to join our Office Volunteers mailing list. 

When finished, 12th Street will be changed from a 12-lane expressway to a six-lane street. There will be a new shoreline park with an event plaza, an arc pier, a public restroom, turf areas and multi-use paths.

CSUEB offers a special program for working adults at the upper undergraduate level, called the Program for Accelerated College Education ( PACE ). PACE students can take courses at night, on weekends, or over the Internet, and have priority in registering for PACE courses.

East Bay United is one of the premier soccer clubs in Northern California. With more than 2,500 players, the club offers world-class soccer experiences at all levels – from the neighborhood recreation team to competitive teams competing at the highest levels in the nation. As part of our vision we send out periodic newsletters and emails with information about our teams, club activities, news and updates, and so much more.

litmus0001 - East Bay Sunriselitmus0001 - East Bay Sunrise